Collaborations with Artists and Friends

Amae has performed with a diverse array of artists and musicians, including: Liquid Fire Mantra, Gaudi, David Block, Cornflower, Nico Luminous, The Human Revolution, Phadroid, and many more. Here are some highlights of Amae’s collaborations with other artists:

Liquid Fire Mantra

Amae has been collaborating with Ritual Theater Performance Troupe, Liquid Fire Mantra, for the 2009 & 2010 tour season as the Vocalist & Narrator. Their stage show features fire dance, choreography, large-scale projections, circus arts and storytelling. Their performances have included Boom Festival, Harmony Festival, Earthdance and The Oregon Shakespeare Festival among others.Visit
Here are some video clips from various performances with Amae Love as vocalist & narrator:

Nico Luminous

Amae and Nicoluminous met at Burning Man while he was rollin’ around with his “beat wagon.” She jumped on his mic and they’ve been jammin’ ever since. They have mostly performed together live and on the fly, as they are both improvisation masters who share a love of hip-hop, dub and soul music. Truly a musical match made in heaven, these two are just getting started on their collaborative offerings. For now, here’s a few tasty morsels for you.

The Human Revolution

Amae has recorded 3 previously released tracks with the Human Revolution as supporting  vocalist; ‘Let’s Live Free’ & ‘Thank You’ on Breathe – and ‘Soul Revival’. They have performed and jammed together many times and share a love of soul, bluegrass and jam bands. She has recently recorded 4 new tracks for Human’s new album, to be released in 2011. You can listen to the tracks and buy Breathe online at: The Human Revolution website
Human & Amae recently recorded a cover of John Lennon’s 1971 Christmas song ‘Happy Christmas – War is Over’:

Here’s a video of Human’s song, ‘Soul Revival’ released in 2008 – with Amae as supporting vocals:

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