Kickstarter whirlwind!

WOW that was Amazing!!! We made our goal and then some, and there’s still a few hours left to throw in!

My amazing Beloved Sterling Solomon wrote this today:

When something amazing like the Amae Love Birthday Song Video gets funded on Kickstarter, there is a palpable wave of excitement that moves through all involved. There is a web of supporters and participants who are investors in a possible future. We are ready to see this Video produced and Viral!!
So the good news is, the Video is well on it’s way to reality now…We are going full steam into pre-production, and we’ll be keeping you posted on fun details of that…and now for the Great News.
Amae has alluded to the larger vision that this Birthday Song Video represents, yet we decided to keep this personal and focused because every large vision needs finite and actionable projects. Now that this project is funded Amae and I would like to share a glimpse more of the longterm vision.

The Birthday Movement is a project within a larger movement whose aim is to marry the world of Health and Permaculture with the world of Performance and Celebration.
As an offering to this movement, Amae and I and a few others set up an Oregon Non-Profit called Conscious Caravan…we just call it Caravan. This organization is dedicated to the creation and implementation of open-source infrastructure for organizations and events which share the vision of transitioning from ego-centric celebration to Ecocentric Celebration.
As part of this Ecocentric lifestyle, we embrace the reality that we are a gift to the planet and have the power to heal Mother Earth thru our daily actions. Beyond this, we have the power to create vast waves of inspiration by singing our truth proudly for the networked grid of humanity. Amae Love is demonstrating this through her heart-felt expression of Birthday Joy, her personal vision of a life of celebration. She has committed to the quest for health, community connection and earth-conscious lifestyle. Now through this Kickstarter, each and every one of you who contributed are amplifying her voice, and her message!

Now we want to invite you all to share further in this process…
Send in videos of the New Birthday song being sung, all skill levels welcome…Remember it’s about the celebration!
Send us questions, suggestions and links about the The Birthday Movement and Ecocentric Celebration.
Let us know if you want more information about the Caravan and our partner projects.

We love this beautiful living dream, and we recognize that our deepest happiness comes when we are in active service to a thriving planet.

We are Looking forward to sharing more of the vision!

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