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Hi friends, it’s me, Amae. I figured I could speak to you personally since, let’s face it, health is a very personal matter. As many know, In addition to my music career, I have also been a longtime health nut, kitchen bitch, and foodie. It’s one of my life-long passions and someday, I know will be more of a career for me. So, I wanted to include it in my site and share my passion with the world.

My journey with health, diet, and food has been long, delicious, and arduous in many ways. It has also been one of my greatest teachers. A longtime hardcore vegan/vegetarian, I have recently loosened my grasp on this identity. Yes, it’s true; I now eat animal products (of the highest organic caliber, of course.) Why? Because of my knowledge, based directly on experience. You see, I am more interested in my health than I am in this label, though it was painful to let go of my vegetarianism since it was so embedded in my identity. But, a wise man suggested that I find out for myself how I would feel eating meat, before I clung to this identity any longer than necessary. And, to my surprise, I had an undeniable experience of renewed energy. And so, I updated my lifestyle accordingly, continuing to be aware of the effects. I encourage you to do the same when it comes to your health: experiment and update. But, I get ahead of myself. I will share a bit more of my story with you here, with much more to come. I have a book or two in my head on this topic. :)

I like to make people laugh and have fun in the kitchen. A few years back, me and one of my BFF’s, Mystique Star, created “Sexy Bitches Like it RAW!” a popular online “un-cooking show” of comedic raw food videos. Some of our videos have gone viral and they are somewhat of a sensation in the raw food world. Even though we make it clear on our site and our videos that we are NOT, nor have we ever been, 100% raw foodists, people still seem shocked and even disappointed when they find out. Our whole aim from the beginning was to get people to eat MORE raw food in their diets, to have FUN and not to take themselves so seriously! We figured comedy and sexiness might help encourage people to watch our show and maybe learn a thing or two that would help them achieve better health. The response has been overwhelming; peeps all over the world love our show. Nowadays (thankfully,) the cult of the crazy RAW-ligion seems to be settling down, with most coming to the conclusion that an 100% raw diet is not going to work for most people all the time.

In all my experiences in my long journey with health – which has included battling candida, digestion issues, depression, skin problems, and led me to many diets, cleanses and gurus – the knowledge I have gained has shown me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that true vibrant health is completely unique to the individual. It also changes over time. Yes, a lot of people have good ideas, diets, systems, cleanses, etc… But no one else can teach YOU how to be truly healthy in your own body, because they are not YOU. Yes, that means you will have to actually become interested in your own health if you want to have it. And it will be lifelong process. You must learn to listen to your body, to trust its messages, to be open and willing to experiment. This will take patience and tenacity, but I can’t honestly think of anything more important to do with your life.  You won’t be able to do any of it – as well as you would like to, anyway – without your health.

True Health is a lifestyle, not a supplement, diet, program or anything else. Most people want it to be easy, a plan to follow with a predictable result. But it will never work, because every person is totally unique. No one plan will work for everyone all the time. If someone tells you it will, RUN. Do not believe it. They want to sell you something. A true teacher will always encourage you to find out for yourself, not to accept what they are saying without questioning.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to what anyone has to say. If you hear something that “resonates” or keep hearing something over and over, pay attention. To attain health you must first become curious about, and then through experience become aware of, what works for you and what does not. Then, you must continue to experiment and explore throughout your life. Also – I personally think you MUST become willing to prepare your own food. This is the only way it’s going be both healthy and delicious. Restaurant food and pre-packaged things are not going to heal you. Unless you are a millionaire who can afford a private chef and nutritionist, you couldn’t afford to NEVER prepare your own food and actually be healthy. My advice is to start with the dishes you LOVE, and look up some recipes online. Then, prepare them with the freshest local organic ingredients you can find. Be willing to experiment. Don’t be afraid of making food. Anyone can do it; it’s not rocket science. Most of the world’s favorite recipes have very few ingredients.

Here’s the bottom line: You simply cannot adopt any belief system and expect it to be current forever. That’s what I did, and at 32 years old, after 18 years of being vegetarian & vegan, I was simply run down. I am a type O blood type, and a frisky fire sign who travels constantly. It is an understatement to say that I was RUN DOWN! I was depleted, Even though I ate the finest organic foods and superfoods. I threw myself at the feet of mother earth begging to know how I could heal myself. And she led me to the man who helped me finally see (as MANY of my doctors, healers and nutritionists had tried to before) that maybe I might do well with some meat in my diet.

The first time I put a bite of red meat into my mouth after 18 years, I felt like i was having a full body orgasm. Tears of relief involuntarily streamed down my face, and blood rushed from my very center to every inch of my skin.  I have NEVER felt such physical pleasure and raw life energy from eating any food. It was undeniable evidence that Yes, this IS good for me. And if something feels good to YOU, in your body, before, during and after you eat it, you can be assured that at that time, it is good for you too. Yes, Even chocolate, even steak, even whipped cream. Even delicious, organic vegetables.

Some people are not going to like me for saying this. Mark my words, I am going to get some angry emails from veganazis. They are going to be uber-pissed, and they will take it out on me. But it’s ok, I was there once, and I have compassion for them, and for the animals too. And they do have some very good points. Our meat industry is in a horrible state. In my opinion, The biggest issue with meat consumption is that it is done unconsciously. We over-eat meat and we are not selective with our choices. But, we CAN be meat eaters and also be compassionate animal lovers. We can take it upon ourselves to find out where the animals we eat come from, and that they are free-range and free of antibiotics and hormones. We can support organic farming and we can bless the food we eat. We can limit our intake of animal products. I would never do it any other way. There is a life cycle, and humans have been eating meat since the dawn of time. So often it is not about what we do, but about the energy we put into it.

My goal is to help inspire and empower people to take charge of their own health. I have a natural knack for creating very simple, yummy and healthy food and I’ve been longing to share that for a long time. Yet, my own process was not complete. I was not there yet, in my own journey. I did not feel healthy enough to teach health. So I continued to explore, to learn. Giving up vegetarianism was the missing piece for me. Now, I know that it is about the process and that I don’t have to be the perfect picture of health to share what I know. Soon, I will add some of my favorite recipes to this site for you to play with. I hope you will learn to taste the exquisite yum of fresh, local, organic food, and that in time you will accept nothing less than the best for yourself.

Beliefs pale in comparison to knowledge. So, Please don’t merely believe what I say. Belief is never enough. KNOW for yourself. Test your truths. Belief is to hope, as knowledge is to action. Take action and know for yourself, don’t merely believe and hope it works for you. See a holistic doctor or nutritionist who you feel is healthy and happy. Get acupuncture and massage. Do yoga. Get your hands dirty in the kitchen. Take high-quality supplements. Make smoothies. Play and have fun! Then, see how you feel. Use what works and leave the rest. Literally, our lives depend on it.

Sexy Bitches like it RAW! is currently in pre-production to become a traveling reality show where the Sexy Bitches invade kitchens of those willing to learn the art of having fun making delicious food that is *also* healthy. The show is no longer limited to raw food only, but focuses more on elevating your health, depending on the individual.

Life can be so delicious. I am here to help you, to stand beside you in this journey. It will be my honor to share what I know, to serve my community in this way. There is NOTHING we cannot achieve, together. Let us not waste another day of our precious health; the world’s most valuable resource!

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  1. You are a wonderful inspiration Amae!!! (Like your wonderful Father… whom I’ve had the privilege of learning from!!!

    Thank you for sharing your life!!

    Michele :)

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